Warning of 3m jobless in UK as US slashes rates

Warning of 3m jobless in UK as US slashes rates
Unemployment is likely to rise above 3 million in the current recession, the Bank of England’s labour market expert, David Blanchflower, warns today.

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Inquest: welfare of disabled man had been raised with social services
Serious concerns about the health of James Hughes, the severely disabled man whose emaciated corpse was found crammed into a suitcase at his family home, had been raised with social workers, it emerged at his inquest yesterday.

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Messages on healthy eating and alcohol moderation not getting through
Few people know and understand the ­government’s guidelines on healthy eating, smoking and drinking despite the millions of pounds spent on awareness campaigns, it emerged today.

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Bank practices putting housing associations at risk, MPs told.
The Treasury and housing minister Margaret Beckett are to warn banks that their lending practices are risking the viability of housing associations.

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With God’s army
The Salvation Army might seem like a throwback to the Victorian age, playing carols in military uniform. But it is now the largest provider of social care after the government.

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A safe option
Lesbian foster carers are in short supply, says a charity that tries to place lesbian and gay young people in supportive families.

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The one that got away
With repossessions set to soar, Rosa Aers describes how having to make arbitrary decisions on who deserves social housing caused her to quit homelessness work

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Access all areas’ for media so justice is seen to be done
The secrecy of the family courts – in which nearly 95,000 cases are heard in private each year – is to end under reforms announced yesterday that will allow the media access to all levels of the system.

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Childhood obesity ‘determined before the age of five’.
Most seriously overweight children gained the bulk of their excess weight before they started school, according to the EarlyBird Diabetes study.

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Cameron joins Labour revolt on single mothers
David Cameron will join rebel Labour MPs in opposing plans which would force single mothers to prepare for work when their youngest child reaches the age of one.

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