New date for webinar on developing your emotional resilience

Those already registered will be automatically re-registered for the new date on November 16

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Community Care is pleased to our webinar on developing your emotional resilience will now take place on Monday, November 16 at 6.30pm.
This webinar had had to be postponed due to the unforeseen illness of one of our speakers. If you had signed up to attend, your registration will automatically be carried over to the new date so you don’t need to do anything further.If you hadn’t signed up but would like to register please follow the links below.

As part of our Stand up for Social Campaign, we’ve made Community Care Inform’s Guide to developing emotional resilience by Louise Grant and Gail Kinman available for free. Download the PDF here.

A recent Community Care research study of over 1,300 social workers found almost three-quarters had high levels of emotional exhaustion.

Developing better emotional resilience is one way to cope with the complexity, the conflict and difficult situations social workers often face on a daily basis. Used effectively it can be a key protective factor against ‘burnout’ and Community Care’s free webinar will offer tools to help.

Louis Grant and Gail Kinman, experienced practitioners who have researched this area extensively, will lead the webinar.

They will discuss ideas and tips to help you build your own resilience ‘toolbox’ of strategies so that you not only survive, but ensure these experiences improve your practice.

From making the most of supervision to finding the appropriate level of empathy with service users, the webinar will offer advice that applies to both frontline staff and managers wanting to find ways to ensure the wellbeing of their teams.

Register for this free webinar here.

Louise Grant is senior lecturer in social work at the University of Bedfordshire and previously worked in local authority services at social worker and team manager level.

Gail Kinman is a chartered psychologist whose research focuses on work-related stress, work-life balance, emotional labour and emotional literacy.

They are the authors of the popular Community Care Inform guide to developing emotional resilience (for children’s and adults’ subscribers) and are currently researching how managers can promote staff wellbeing

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