Five reasons children’s social workers should attend Community Care Live

The event takes place in Manchester next month and is free for registered social workers

Picture credit: Gary Brigden
Picture credit: Gary Brigden

Community Care Live is England’s largest free event for social workers. The event, taking place in Manchester on 25 and 26 April, offers a chance to get essential practice learning and professional development. Here are five reasons to attend…

Improve the quality of your court evidence

Ensuring your court evidence is well evidenced and clear is vital to your professional reputation, your employers and the children and families you support. On day one of Community Care Live social workers can attend an expert session on how to prepare section 7 and section 37 reports for court. On day two leading child protection trainer Joanna Nicolas will run a masterclass on helping you understand what the courts do, and don’t expect, when evidencing care arrangements and permanence options.

Learn how to support families during adoption breakdown

Between 3% and 10% of adoptions will breakdown before a child reaches adulthood, according to research. With the rise in adoptions since 2010, more social workers may be dealing with adoption breakdown than before.

In a session led by Jennifer Jones, a member of the Department for Education’s expert advisory group for adoption support, social workers will get guidance on the support you can put in place for adoptive families and how to plan for a successful long-term solution following disruption.

Learn how to trust yourself

With the stakes high, it is necessary for social workers to consider their decisions thoroughly, but practitioners should also know when to trust their intuition.

Drawing upon new research in the psychology of decision making by social workers, Dr Andrew Whittaker will look at the role of intuition in frontline social work practice, when to trust it, and how managers can support intuitive expertise from their social workers rather than simply seeking to reduce errors.

Learn how to use your time effectively

It is no secret that social workers are pressed for time. It is also no secret that social workers, and the children they support, value effective direct work.

A session led by Joanna Nicolas will give social workers practical advice on how to do good direct work with children in the time you have with them – whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour.

Improve your supervision sessions

Supervision is vital for effective social work, but research suggests many children and family social workers do not receive high-quality supervision. On day two, social worker Dr David Wilkins will look at how you can overcome barriers to quality supervision and deliver sessions that improves practice.

To book your place for Community Care Live, and see the rest of the programme click here. The event is free for registered social workers.

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