Webinar: advice on having difficult conversations under the Care Act

Trainer Belinda Schwehr will provide advice to practitioners on talking to the public and managers about challenging issues such as care package cuts

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big-register-button-greenAmid the ongoing funding pressures on local authorities, adult social care practitioners are more likely to find themselves in difficult conversations with the public and their own managers about legal entitlements and the use of resources.

In this free webinar, trainer Belinda Schwehr will focus on the need for staff to be able to conduct themselves professionally and legally literately when engaged in difficult conversations with members of the public – regarding cuts, funding, staff’s power to bind the council, the reality regarding choice or the powers of panels – in difficult times.

The message is that there’s often a safer or even a right way to explain ‘bad’ news. But also, that it’s an essential Care Act competency to know how and when to say no to a client, and how and when to say no to one’s own management – to minimise the risk of legal challenge.

The webinar takes place on Monday 27 March, from 10.30am to 12noon. Register now to access the webinar.

Belinda Schwehr is owner of Care and Health Law and a trainer and consultant specialising in the adult social care legal framework. She is in the process of setting up a charity, CASCAIDr (the Centre for Adult Social Care Advice, Information and Dispute Resolution), to provide advice to members of the public about their care entitlements, write pre-action letters to councils thought to be breaking the law, and support people through crowdfunding, for judicial review cases.


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