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Dilnot urged to be ambitous in care funding response

Stephen Burke, from the social enterprise United for all Ages, has expressed a fear that the Dilnot Commission may not be able to deliver an ambitious-enough reform for the funding of adult care.

Burke, who was speaking at Community Care Live 2011, says he suspects we may end up with some kind of “limited liability model”, which he says will mean: “We end up with an English fudge, which won’t be much fairer than what we have got.”

In effect this means a cap on the total costs of care, but with the individual having to pay something towards their care, which could be through insurance or their pension – which commission chair Andrew Dilnot has already signalled.

Instead Burke wants to see the commission being more ambitious in the scope of its response and proposed reforms to ensure equality of access through a single funding stream.

What Burke wants to see is a care duty on estates – which reminds me of the ill-fated “death tax” – and my guess means it’s a non-starter with this government.

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