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Winterbourne View: Providers pressure government for wholesale review of CQC

A wholesale review of the working of the Care QualityCommission must be conducted following revelations of abuse at a learningdisability hospital earlier this week, care providers have said.

On Tuesday Panorama exposed a pattern of abuse at the WinterbourneView learning disability hospital in Bristol.

The CQC had been informed of the abuse in December but had not acted, leadingmany to question the viabilityof its risk-based approach to regulation.

The CQC is conducting an internal review of what went wrong in the case andcare services minister PaulBurstow has ordered an external review of action of both the CQC and thelocal authority in this case.

But the National Care Association has said this dopes not go far enough and a full-scalereview of the operating of the regulator is needed.

“The purpose of the regulator is to regulate services using an assessment processwhich will protect vulnerable members of society,” said Nadra Ahmed, chairof NCA. 

“I am writing to the Minister for Social care to ask him to initiate anInquiry without delay to ascertain whether or not the Care Quality Commissionis both fit to deliver the required service and whether it has the confidenceof the sector,” she added.

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3 Responses to Winterbourne View: Providers pressure government for wholesale review of CQC

  1. Dean 12 April , 2013 at 2:52 am #

    What concerns me, is that a local media source in Bristol has apparently seen inspection reports by the CQC which identify concerns regarding “Patient Restraint and Physical Intervention” assessments, as well as a lack of staff training and these inspections reports date back to 2008!

    Reports suggest fears over care at Winterbourne View since 2008 via @bristol247

  2. Vern Pitt, journalist, 12 April , 2013 at 2:52 am #

    True as that may be, the last report by the CQC in 2009 said the hospital met the essential standard for restraint.

  3. Phil W 12 April , 2013 at 2:52 am #

    The Panorama programme and the revelation that Southern Cross are having some financial difficulties has suddenly thrust the whole issue of elderly/vulnerable care and support into the public spotlight. I am amazed that as a nation we are so unconcerned about what services are available and how those services are managed and regulated. I guess its part of a wider lack of engagement in public life and yet another example of how disconnected people are from the political processes that decide how the UK cake is divided up and who gets the biggest share!