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DLA cuts set to cost government in welfare and care bills

User-led charity Disability Rights UK has done an interesting analysis of government plans for 500,000 people to lose access to disability living allowance by 2015-16, which finds it leading to significant extra costs in out-of-work benefits, social care and health.

This is because DLA recipients who are in work will find it harder to stay in their jobs should they lose the benefit, and care and health needs will also increase for those who lose out.

Disability Rights UK policy director has done a blog on his argument for Left Food Forward, which is worth a read for a quick summary.

I can’t vouch for the figures of course but the basic tenor of the argument seems sound.

Mithran Samuel

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Mithran Samuel is adults' editor at Community Care.


One Response to DLA cuts set to cost government in welfare and care bills

  1. Simon Stevens 12 April , 2013 at 3:15 am #

    The problem is it is based on medical model nonsense of disabled people, or anyone who wants to be, being naturally incapable, naturally poor and naturally deserving of pity and the right not to contribute. DRUK is now a medical model sickness movement charity and this whole debate has very little to do with disabled people, whose only ally at the moment seems to be the government, protecting our funding from the abuse of those who want to be disabled simply for cold hard cash.