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The 80-mile home visit The challenges of social work in Scotland’s ‘forgotten region’ ‘You can do more imaginative social work’ Life outside of the local authority ‘This is social work with knobs on’ Supporting disabled children is no ‘easy’ branch of social work How ‘personal passports’ help our fostering social work A tool to help […]

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The end of the Inspector

There will be no more posts on The Inspector for the time being as we have a shiny new blog where you can find all the latest news and views on social care – The Social Work Blog. See you there!

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Delayed facts and figures

Community Care was one of a number of news organisations to trumpet the return of the delayed discharge as a political issue, after government figures this month appeared to show a 30% hike in the number of days patients spent in hospital when ready for discharge from 2005-6 to 2006-7.

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Who gets what in the switch over from incapacity benefit?

Have you got clients anxious to discover what will happen to their income when incapacity benefit is replaced by employment support allowance in October next year? Gary Vaux has listened in to parliamentary debate and found valuable clues from ministers’ statements as to how the Welfare Reform Act will operate.

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This weeks feature articles

In Community Care this week, there are two featured articles relating to the adults’ sector. Firstly we have “Stitching a deal together” – read Mark Hunter’s report on the Midlands experience of cross region collaboration Secondly “Vision, with one eye on Wanless“, read Mark Ivory’s feature on how public service agreements alluded to in the […]

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Adam McCulloch

Unlimited ideas for social workers

by Adam McCulloch If you ever get bogged down with seemingly intractable problems in social work, and society in general, you could do worse than visit, the website of UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find reasons for optimism in the shape of dynamic ideas for improving quality of life for everybody […]

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How to stop the bullies

by Red Keith Two momentous events are celebrated today (7 November) First up is National No Bullying Day. It turns out that social care is rife with bullies.

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Mithran Samuel

Local government pay – let’s get ready to rumble

This year’s pay deal for English, Welsh and Northern Irish council staff may have been agreed after a seven-month stand-off between employers and unions but the prospects for industrial conflict across the sector seem as great as ever. Following four years in which the growth in council pay has not kept pace with inflation, let […]

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Queen’s speech update

There are a few bits and bobs relating to social care in the Queen’s Speech. Check out latest information can be found on the Community Care site.

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Natalie Valios

Don’t downgrade Christmas

by Natalie Valios Apparently Christmas should be downgraded so that festivals from other religions receive equal billing.

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