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Child poverty and the election; Edlington boy’s appeal rejected

Judy-Cooper-yellow.jpgAre you sick of the election yet? Do you turn pale and feel a tiny bit nauseous when you see the smiling faces of Cameron, Clegg and the grimace of Gordon Brown?

Well too bad. Because here at Community Care we are obsessed with it…especially the complete absence of anything to do with children’s social care that has so far marked out this particular election campaign. Funny thing to be obsessed with something that doesn’t actually exist…slippery slope to madness I feel.

However, an article in The Guardian shows that even when something like child poverty pops up in all three party manifestos there can still be a lack of clarity about what will actually be done on the issue after the election.

It would appear that only high profile tragedies, such as the torture case in Edlington, has the power to motivate politicians on the issue of child protection. News today that the two boys have lost an application to appeal their sentences. Seems such a short time ago that newspapers were demanding the government “do” something about the child protection system in this country following the court case of these two boys. Yet there is barely a mention of the case in today’s papers or on the campaign trail.

Children’s services it seems are doomed to continue to be tossed by the stormy seas of short-term political and media outrage without the hope of any proper strategic thinking on the issue from politicians.

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