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Channel 4 investigates experts in the family courts

channel4.jpgLooks like tonight’s Channel 4 News will be worth a watch, and not just for the lovely Jon Snow and his colourful ties (and excellent reporting, of course). The programme will present the findings of its investigation into psychologists acting as expert witnesses in the famiy courts.

Readers of Community Care will know the use, or overuse, of expert witnesses in general (and their credibility, or lack of, as well as reductions to their fees) has been topical, with opinion on the issue sharply polarised. Perhaps accreditation would help, as the ADCS called for last year.

The family justice review recommended that experts should be used more sparingly, to avoid duplication and so on, but also acknowledged the vital work of many social work experts.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what the programme reveals tonight – and if you miss it, don’t worry, because they’ve helpfully summarised a lot of it here.

Camilla Pemberton, journalist,

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