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Highlights of Munro interim report executive summary


  • To encourage change the review has been working in partnerships with five authorities who have requested greater flexibility when assessing the needs of children and young people. They’ll be granted temporary suspension from statutory guidance for six months.
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children to be reduced down to pure statutory guidance (eliminating professional advice)
  • The review is minded to strengthen the role of local safeguarding children boards in monitoring the impact of practice, training and learning on the child’s journey
  • It’s important the role of the Director of Children’s Services continues as the key point of professional accountability for child protection services
  • Review endorses sure start children’s centres and the health visitor service in early intervention
  • Evidence to the review shows strong support for the common assessment framework.
  • Neglect not always being safely identified and responded to. The review is considering solutions where multi-agency teams that include social workers are located in the community alongside universal services.
  • Considering getting rid of initial and core assessments and any referral to children’s social care would be used to build on.
  • The current management style puts too much emphasis on the bureaucratic aspects of the work. Radical reform is needed to give due weight to the importance of the cognitive and emotional requirements of the work.
  • The review is considering how “user-centred design” of assessment and decision making tools can provide better aids to professional reasoning.
  • The review is working in particularly with practitioners on how the design of the integrated children’s system (ICS) software can be made more user friendly and efficient.
  • Social work practice needs to be more evidence based.
  • The review is building on the Social Work Reform Board’s capabilities framework to draft the specialist capabilities needed in child and family social work.
  • Review looking at, with the College of Social Work, improving the response of the social work profession to public debates about their work, especially in a crisis, so that there is a clearer account of professional practice.
  • The review is considering whether, in light of wider reform of public services, there is a need for a panel composed of the relevant professions within the child protection system to advice government and the professions on how the different parts of the child protection system are interacting and whether problems are emerging.

More to come when have read the full report.


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