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Green Man says goodbye and thank you for what you do.

This is my last post for Community Care, and I’d like to thank all readers, especially the few who have written interesting comments, and my employers at Community Care who have been so good to me.

For me, this has been a fantastic opportunity to write about all ofthe subjects which I hold as vitally important when it comes topreserving life on this planet.  I’ve covered conserving finite naturalresources, switching to renewable ‘low carbon’ energy and eschewing theold dirty fuels, using public transport, cycling and walking, growingyour own food or at least buying organic, fair trade, local, in seasonand vegetarian food, volunteering and participating in communitygroups including party politics and festivals, and social justiceissues such as health, poverty and equality, and many personal thingsincluding my two visits to the Maudsley to work out what causes me tobe the way I am. It’s been quite a journey and I’m honoured to havebeen invited to share some of it with you.

I know that my voice is just one amongst a growing clammour for usto behave differently and to change our old ways. I have fairlyrecently discovered this interesting project, ‘No Impact Man’over in the States, look out for the film in the Autumn. It feels goodthat I’m not alone in trying to raise the awareness of the biggestthreat to our continued wellbeing; ourselves!  I hope I’ve shown thathaving a tiny carbon footprint can be just as enjoyable and fun (if notmore so!) than someone with a profligate lifestyle.

As for my impact, my positive impact, well, it is up to theindividual reader,ie YOU, to decide whether any of what I’ve writtenabout has helped you or moved you at all in the right direction!  Ionly know about the few comments posted which have thanked me or askedme for more information, or told some of their story about downsizingor moving towards a more planet-friendly way of living.  I’d like tothink that a lot more of you have enjoyed my ramblings and have takensome of the sentiments to heart… but I am an optimist.

We have to be optimistic about the future.  Human beings are, in themain, amazing and not out to hurt others, despite what a lot of social workers see and experience.  We are capable of so much, includinglooking after each other and our environment, and developing ways toimprove our lot. Concentrating on the negative doesn’t make us feelgood, and I appreciate that it must be difficult to remain positivewhilst working in some environments.

I must remain positive about what I do, as I too can feel pessimistic about all sorts of things but it doesn’t help.  So I am now feeling optimistic about finding some more paid work as a writer, and about having more time to finish my book, and more time to keep the house tidy (dream on, John, dream on!) Any advice (on who to write for, not cleaning) will be gratefully received.

Should any of you want to keep up with my daily activities, however mundane, you can read my daily diary blog or find me on Facebook where I will regularly share interesting links with you but never participate in stupid applications.  Alternatively, you can email me direct and I promise to answer!

So, thank you all for the good work that you do helping others, and for any ‘green’ changes you have made or are planning to make.

John Cossham, York, UK, 22 June 2009.

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2 Responses to Green Man says goodbye and thank you for what you do.

  1. Mark Hamer 11 April , 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    I believe that my carbon footprint is not the only footprint that needs to be tiny.

    As a social worker I also want my clients to forget me, almost unaware of my presence in their lives to the point where they feel that they have made their own changes. All I do is plant the seeds of growth and discomfort and nurture them. They do all the work. In this way they build self-efficacy and confidence and once they have made a change, they have the ability to make other changes.

    Oh, and I wrote a book about it! Well a couple of books really: ‘Preventing Breakdown’ and ‘The Barefoot Helper’, both published by Russell House. See

    Mark Hamer

  2. JusticeWillBeDone 11 April , 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Ethicist? Mmmm it seems you are leaving too early!

    For more #15 on: