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Green Man says goodbye and thank you for what you do.

This is my last post for Community Care, and I’d like to thank all readers, especially the few who have written interesting comments, and my employers at Community Care who have been so good to me.

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Green Man meets a Morsbag

Over the past few years there’s been a lot of noise about the evils of plastic bags.  They’ve been blamed for filling up landfills and inflating people’s carbon footprints, mimicking jellyfish and confusing turtles, even being labelled ‘witches knickers’ when blown into Irish hedges and trees.  Now, in the grand scheme of things, plastic bags […]

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Green Man wonders how to get the message across?

There are many ways to convey a message.  And when it comes to climate change and overconsumption, there are blogs, protest marches, films, and I’ve just discovered poetry.   So, I’d like you to click on this link: and then click on the poem ‘Consumed’ by Danny Chivers, and listen, whilst you read the text.  But as […]

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Green Man celebrates Lent… sort of… with a cigarette!

I quite like the idea of Lent, despite my not being Christian.  I like the idea of giving up stuff… eating less… perhaps no chocolate, or stopping something more ‘sinful’ like smoking… Anything which can reduce our profligate consumption has got to be good, and if this reduction helps our health, even better.

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Green Man with some media links and cheaper, greener car insurance!

Earlier this week I took the train up to Middlesborough to do some filming wih the BBC, for the programme ‘Inside Out’ which has local editions for the different regions.  I’d been asked to go and help a radio presenter, John Foster, start a week of living on a pound a day.  This was inspired by […]

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Green Man learns to ‘ooffoo’ and is definitely Not Stupid!

As the Green movement gathers speed and more and more people realise they should be part of the solution, as if they are not, they are part of the problem, more networking websites pop up.  I don’t know how long it’s been in existence, but I’ve discovered ooffoo.  This is hosted by The Natural Collection, […]

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Green Man supports the ‘Open Eye’ Campaign

I only learned about the new ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’  a few weeks ago, catching up on a Summer Edition of Green World which had got lost in my cluttered day bag.  I was appalled to find that very young children are now, by law, being compelled to explore ICT technology and are subjects of […]

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Green Man on how to persuade people to go greener..

I subscribe to a number of email newsletters, and one came through last week with news of an eco-calendar which has caused a bit of controversy. Ethical Junction member Flipside Vision have produced a ‘Calendar of Climate Change’ for 2009 with a plethora of wonderful images depicting our world, many of which have significant connections to climate change […]

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Green Man learns about historical re-enactment and possible ‘green’ spin-offs..

Late last week I had a meeting with a new friend who had come to York to participate in a historical re-enactment event.  I knew nothing about this pastime/lifestyle apart from seeing quite a few re-enactors at the Norfolk Park event in Sheffield a few years ago, when I attended as Professor Fiddlesticks. It looked […]

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Green Man recommends a good book

Books per se are not that green.  They use lots of resources in their manufacture, are printed in one place and have to be carted all over the place and are heavy.  Most are only read once and then sit in a bookshelf… OK, bookshelves are a way of sequestering carbon, but really we should […]

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