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Green Man switches off!

I like watching television, but I know where the off-button is and I do lots of other things as well as watch telly.  I have several friends who don’t have a telly and when I mention something I’ve seen or that they ’should see’, they remind me that they don’t sit and goggle… and on occasions […]

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Green Man on powerful thoughts

Electricity is the top polluter, so use it wisely, says John Cossham We rely on mains electricity for so much, and most of this supply has a large carbon footprint. Even the 20% of electricity supplied by nuclear power results in waste we don’t know what to do with. One of the best ways we […]

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Green Man on Energy Efficient Buildings

From October 2008 all public buildings over a certain size will be required to display an Energy Performance Certificate, which will be in the form of an A-G rating similar to a new fridge or car.  Buildings use about 50% of our energy in this country and therefore if they are made to be more […]

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Green Man starts a conversation

According to The Energy Saving Trust, we take more notice of our peers than of ‘experts’. Now I am considered an expert, so you may not take much notice of me, but if YOU start a conversation about climate change, for instance, your work colleagues, family and neighbours are likely to be influenced. You are […]

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Green Man in the Office

I trained as an Environmental Health Officer and spent a full 12 months working from an office. It was partly this experience which resulted in me not becoming a council officer, but instead using my degree to inform my eco-activism. However, if I did work in an office, I would campaign for it to be […]

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Green Man in the House

If we look at the long list of ‘green’ improvements we are being told we should make to our lives, there is really only one which has an immediate cost and environmental benefit. This is energy saving, or not wasting expensive fuel. It makes no sense to heat your home and to have lots of […]

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