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Are you a social work moaner?

grumpy cat500.jpgSocial work is a tough job and has not been well served by successive governments and the media. However, there does seem to be a tendency among some social workers to only see the negative. Social workers do some great work but there are one or two who really do like a good moan.

Are you one of those moaners? Now you can find out for sure by talking the social work moan-o-meter test placed handily below. Let me know how you get on.

Simeon Brody

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One Response to Are you a social work moaner?

  1. Philip J Measures 11 April , 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    Proud to be a moaner!!! – for the almost 92% of the others it’s time that you (re)discovered the true meaning of social work and escaped your complaceny!!! If you think that it’s anything like in a reasonable state then you must be wearing rose-coloured spectacles and believe that you can beat the ‘system’ – you can’t and you won’t – that’s why I got out..