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Archive | August, 2011


Cigarettes, zinc and men in sheds

I’m very excited to be once again writing about sheds. I wrote back in January about an Australian project to help men “interact and unburden” in the familiar and comforting surroundings of a shed. But it seems the Aussie shed movement has inspired a similar project in the UK. Age UK has been running a Men In […]

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Probiotics and positive psychology in practice

Two quick nuggets today: (can you have a “quick nugget”? Anyway…) Probiotic bacteria may help ease depression and anxiety, research suggests. And, here are some tips for incorporating positive psychology in your practice.

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Poverty and decision fatigue and biscuits

Fascinating article in the New York Times suggesting we have only a finite amount of mental energy available to make difficult decisions or exert willpower. This issue may be particularly relevant to those living in poverty as they have to devote a lot of mental energy making the trade-offs required to get by with less money. As […]

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Happiness, crime and the “architecture of fear”

Young people who are happy are less likely to be involved in crime, a new report suggests. “Our results suggest that the emphasis placed on happiness and well-being by positive psychologists and others is warranted,” McCarthy said. “In addition to their other benefits, programs and policies that increase childhood and adolescent happiness may have a […]

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Gail Porter on being sectioned: ‘There was no treatment programme and nothing to do’

TV presenter Gail Porter has spoken to the Daily Mail about her experience of being sectioned and being an involuntary in-patient earlier in the year. And it’s hardly an encouraging but sadly not surprising account of life in a psychiatric ward. ‘The worst part about being sectioned was the lack of structure,’ says Gail. ‘There […]

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A reflection on England’s riots and their impact on social care

I have just finished editing Community Care’s latest podcast, which is a reflection on this week’s riots in England. You can listen to it using the player below, or go to our podcast page.   My colleagues and I enjoyed an unusually wide-ranging discussion on the general state of the nation and also chatted about […]

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I’ve got a caseload that’s bigger than yours

An anonymous Community Care reader and social worker has sent in this rather splendid poem: I’ve got a caseload that’s bigger than yoursIt’s so large it won’t fit in my drawers!All day long I struggle and sweatI’m a super-doopa social worker, never take a rest.I’m so strong and powerful, can take any stressAllocation meetings, I always […]

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Do social workers need iPads?

They may well be very nicely designed but I’m usually rather sceptical about people saying they “need” the latest shiny consumer gadget, such as the iPad. However, in an article in Bizgene, a social worker says it has really helped with her work. Best get down to the office of whoever buys your computer equipment and […]

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Therapy dog helps girl testify in US court

Here is an interesting story about a dog that helped a girl testify at a US rape trial and the ensuing legal debate.

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Living with schizophrenia and award for campaigning student

There is a very readable piece in the New York Times about how a man learned to cope with his schizophrenia. Also, worth a look is the commentary by Shrink Rap, which I think may prompt a debate about diagnosis and recovery. Meanwhile, here in the UK the Student of the Year Award has been […]

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