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Mental health, homelessness & more: ‘Lucy’s struggle sheds light on issues so often ignored’

Be Myself from duckrabbit on Vimeo.

Take eight minutes and 40 seconds away from emails/Twitter/Facebook and spend them watching this powerful film. It tells the story of Lucy, a woman who, with some amazing resilience and the help of a great key worker, is getting back on her feet after some really harrowing experiences. 

The film is by Georgina Cranston, who spent eight months documenting the lives of homeless women in London. As the blurb accompanying the film says: ”It’s not easy to watch but it offers hope, and her struggle sheds light on issues that so often go ignored.”

I’ve just been sent a link to this and it really moved me so I wanted to share here (it’s not often something inspires me to get off the sofa and start blogging at half eight at night). The film is produced by digital production agency duckrabbit.

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