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‘Often “good practice” in Mental Health Act detentions is no more than basic human rights’

Today the CQC released their 2011/12 report on the Mental Health Act. I’ve written a story on some of the key findings for social workers here but this comprehensive report has triggered wider debate.

I should say that the CQC – an organisation that has endured a lot of criticism in recent years (often with good reason and we shouldn’t forget that questions have been asked over the way its previous leaders have treated people with experience of mental health issues) - deserves, in my view anyway, credit for this piece of work.

The report is detailed but readable and crammed full of rich evidence from people with experience of services and frontline professionals. It has also been produced in accessible formats and as an infographic. The more public bodies produce this type of report on complex issues, the better.

Another move by the regulator that deserves credit is that they have taken to Twitter today to encourage debate of the report’s findings. It’s a really positive move given that many social care leaders, or their employing organisations, shy away from engaging on Twitter.

Here are some of the top Tweets I picked up from today’s discussion of the report (I wish I’d been able to participate myself but was sidelined this morning)…


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