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Five tips for managing your mental health in a pressurised social work job

In recent weeks I’ve published a number of pieces from social workers talking about their own mental health and the support (or lack of it) they’ve received from employers after coming forward for support. If you are feeling mentally unwell it’s important to get professional help (if you need help identifying options a useful resource […]

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‘Floor to ceiling porn’: how new psychiatric definitions impact staff and patients

Blair McPherson looks at how the inclusion of ‘hoarding behaviour’ as a mental illness in a new psychiatric manual could impact social work practice. In his hospital bed he looked like a frail old man. The fall had shaken his confidence. He had lain there all night on the floor until the meals on wheels […]

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Radio 4 coverage of mental health bed pressures and impact on social workers

Last night I appeared on Radio 4′s  All in the Mind show to discuss my recent investigation into the number of mental health patients sent out-of-area to private hospitals amid a shortage of psychiatric intensive care unit beds. You can listen to my interview here (it starts about the 14 minute mark). The main points […]

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‘A gifted social work manager who can make you feel “not alone” when you’re struggling is fantastic but rare’

This article by a social worker about the impact the increasing pressures placed on her team had on her mental health has provoked quite a response from frontline staff and social care managers. Writing about your own mental health can be an incredibly scary thing. Yet, I always find it amazing – and comforting – […]

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Service user views sought on Community Treatment Orders

A major study published earlier this year found that Community Treatment Orders are failing to do what policymakers hoped they would – well, at least when it comes to cutting down hospital readmissions for so-called ‘revolving door’ mental health patients. But how are CTOs helping or hindering the people subject to them? Mental health service […]

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This crisis in mental health care is damaging patients and professionals

“It was ever thus surely?” – that was one response I received after tweeting a link last night to an article I’d published on NHS bed closures leading to more out-of-area mental health placements. I take the point. Yes, out-of-area placements have long been used when NHS beds are under pressure. But I also feel that […]

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New research centre looks to build mental health social work’s evidence base…

  One reason commonly cited as contributing to social work’s ongoing struggle to assert itself in the medically-dominated world of mental health is the fact that the profession doesn’t have the same research history or evidence-base as that of the medical profession. So I thought I’d flag up a new research centre that’s looking to change […]

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‘The social worker is kind and helps to talk about hard things’: views of children whose parents get mental health support

The Care Quality Commission and Ofsted have published a really interesting joint review of how adult and children’s social services (and related agencies) handle the impact that parental substance misuse or mental health issues can have on children. I’ve published a main news piece on a series of shortfalls in joint working between children’s and […]

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High Court to consider AMHPs’ ‘legal responsibility for suitability of hospitals’ used in Mental Health Act detentions

The High Court is to consider whether the statutory duties placed on Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) under the Mental Health Act extend to a responsibility for the suitability of hospitals that people they detain are placed in. The scope of AMHP duties formed a key part of the case of DD v Durham Council […]

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Six areas of improvement for social work, police and NHS responses to Mental Health Act detentions

Under pressure social workers, NHS agencies and police need investment to improve the response for patients who are detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act, argues Steve Chamberlain, chair of The College of Social Work’s Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) network. Police in Merseyside have told inspectors that they “frequently” have to wait up to eight hours […]

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