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One in the eye for dyslexia deniers

That should stick it to the dyslexia deniers. An inquiry ledby former Ofsted inspector Sir Jim Rose has prompted the government to helpchildren who are held back at school because of the learning difficulty.

The assistance is worth only £10m, but in theseparsimonious times it is better than nothing and is official recognition thatdyslexia does exist.

Some 4,000 teachers will be trained as specialists indyslexia over the next two years and will be allocated to a cluster of stateschools.

As it currently stands, the only option for parents ofdyslexic children is to hire private tutors – at a cost.

This may be do-able for those on middle-incomes, but forthose on low incomes it is a financial impossibility, with the inevitableconsequences of low academic achievement, minimal prospects and marginalisation of the children concerned.

It is money well spent and should silence dissenters such asLabour MP Graham Stringer, whose views on dyslexia have been explored in aprevious Outside Left.

Importantly, Sir Jim Rose’s report has moved the debate onfrom whether the condition exists to what can be done to help those who have tobattle it daily.  

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