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Asbo queen Louise Casey for mayor?

Boris Johnson beware: your nemesis in London’s mayoralelection in 2012 could turn out to be Asbo queen Louise Casey.

London’s Evening Standard has reported that the government’santisocial behaviour czar is gunning for BoJo’s position and could stand on a streetcrime ticket.

Casey’s credentials are impressive. Her outburst in 2005that some government ministers would perform better if they turned up in the morning”pissed” and an apparently stern defence of binge-drinking might appeal to manysupporters of Ken Livingstone, who reportedly enjoys the odd drink and occasional row.

And her more recent dissing of Gordon Brown, whom she has blamed for therise in antisocial behaviour, might appeal to those closer to the Boris Johnsonwing of politics.

But which party could she align herself with? Perhaps onewith a familiar name? Perhaps Respect?

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One Response to Asbo queen Louise Casey for mayor?

  1. Andrew Schofield 12 April , 2013 at 12:21 am #

    Jan 6th 2010: It is good to hear Louise Casey, the government’s neighbourhood crime adviser, acknowledge that entire families may need to be “taken into care”, and for the first time to estimate their policing and social services costs £330,000 per family per year. Now we are getting somewhere.

    What would be even better would be for her government not to continue describing reproductively incontinent single mothers as ‘vulnerable’, rolling out unlimited and indiscriminate maternity benefits to them, and to consider withdrawing welfare rights from those who refuse to control their fertility. This can be harmlessly and reversibly achieved nowadays by a quarterly contraceptive jab.