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£64m cost of denying disabled people Tube access

The true cost of preventing wheelchair users – and parentswith buggies come to that – using London’s Tube system has now been revealed:£64m.

Transport for London, under the watch of London mayor BorisJohnson, has abandoned work on step-free access to several stations, reports the Evening Standard.

Fears emerged about the prospects for the projects lastautumn but Outside Left – naively as it turns out – hoped Johnson would changehis mind.

No chance. But it means that the next government may have totake a lead on this important disability issue, ask questions of Johnson anddemand answers rather than the supercilious waffle that usually emanates fromhim.

As for the £64m spent on preparation works that can so easilybe disregarded and so difficult to recoup: is that “chicken feed” too, Boris? 

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