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She’s back: Louise Casey forms dream ticket with Eric Pickles

Formerly known as the Asbo queen, Tony Blair’s formerRespect tsar, Louise Casey (pictured), is being tipped for a new Whitehall role. 


It is expected that she will be appointed to helpcommunities secretary Eric Pickles “deal with” (sounds ominous) the 120,000″problem families” David Cameron was showing a fatherly concern for after lastmonth’s riots.

The Spectator reports that Pickles’ department will takesole charge of the government’s proposed family-intervention programme. Themove would be seen as a blow to the ambitions of Iain Duncan Smith who was keento take on the role but whose social conservatism may be anathema to theLiberal Democrats (unlike tuition fees).

Casey and Pickles both have a reputation for being blunt andoutspoken so a quiet time is unlikely to be had by all, but why someone soclosely associated with the Labour government should be so appealing to Cameronis, on the face of it, incongruous.

Until we remember that, in 2008, Casey called for harshercommunity sentences and for offenders to have their punishments locallyadvertised. She had also ruminated about making offenders on community service wearuniforms, a bit like Guantanamo Bay suspects (my comparison, not hers).

Perhaps the pair will have much in common, after all.

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