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Gangs, the good old days and contemporary naivety

Innocent times. How often have we heard those two words, anexercise in retrospection, uttered by a speaker from behind rose-tinted specs? Innocent times: when hospital consultants were doctors whowore bow ties rather than accountants wielding red pens; when the radio newswas read by men in dinner jackets and the (dreaded) commercial radio”weathergirl” was as distant […]

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£64m cost of denying disabled people Tube access

The true cost of preventing wheelchair users – and parentswith buggies come to that – using London’s Tube system has now been revealed:£64m.

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Boris Johnson blocks wheelchair access

Apologies for being M25-centric, but concealed in Londonmayor Boris Johnson’s plans for getting people off the capital’s transportsystem was an item that has almost gone unnoticed.

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Rape crisis centres: Boris performs an illusion

Outside Left is always pleased to hear from theLondon mayor’s office. So when Boris Johnson’s aides last week replied to ablog published in April about the dishevelled one’s apparent U-turn on fundingfor rape crisis centres, the impression given was of another U-turn – a W-turn,no less.

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Boris Johnson pulls funding for rape crisis centres

On the day that London mayor Boris Johnson called fortougher action on violence against women, he pulled the plug on funding forthree rape crisis centres.

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Iain Duncan Smith’s Gado-speak and Boris @!*@ing Johnson

Which planet is Iain Duncan Smith on? Abregado-rae,apparently. 

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Boris Johnson outwits Labour on minimum wage

Who said this in June? “I was disappointed that childpoverty rose last year. This is a sign we have to redouble our efforts.”

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Boris hones his unfair fares policy

  By Mike McNabb I was out of London for only one week and naively expected even Team Boris to avoid doing something to annoy me. I was only partly disappointed.

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Boris Johnson and his Tory chums embrace social exclusion

  by Mike McNabb To paraphrase Harold Wilson, a nanosecond is a long time in politics. And, for a nanosecond, I was nearly convinced that the prospect of a sandal-wearing, wishy-washy socially aware Conservative Party was for real. The softer face of “Call me Dave” nearly had me by the lentil bakes.

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