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If Lansley goes, could a Lib Dem replace him?

Why has the Health and Social Care Bill stalled? Is itreally for a listening exercise, as the prime minister would have us believe?Or is David Cameron simply buying time to rid the nation of an increasingly unpopularhealth secretary in a mini shuffle? The bill is the one issue that truly divides the coalition,with deputy prime […]

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Why Osborne may decide to cut yet again

Since his hard-earned skiing break in the exclusive Klostersresort, George “Don’t call me Gideon” Osborne has doubtless been knuckling down to findmore ways to erode our living standards in time for his next Budget statementon 23 March. He is fortunate that advice from all quarters is inabundance. Yesterday, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, seen as […]

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Children’s minister stumped by the Big Society

Many a time I have pondered: what IS the Big Society? I amin good company. Children’s minister Tim Loughton is mystified too.

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Benefits and immigration: the Tories subverting the coalition

So much for the idea that it would be the rebels among theLib Dem backbenchers who would pull the magic carpet from under the feet of thecoalition. Expressions of dissent in recent weeks suggest that DavidCameron would do well to look at the fellow travellers from his own party. 

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Why Duwayne Brooks is an example to us all

Few might remember the name Duwayne Brooks but they willrecall the name of his friend, Stephen Lawrence, murdered in a racist attack insouth east London in 1993.

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Nick Clegg embarrassed at children’s centre facing axe

The power is all Nick Clegg’s for a fortnight as theCamerons take a holiday – and the junior partner (is that the rightdescription, Dave?) in the coalition got off to a rotten start in theincreasingly rotten borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in west London.

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Big society or big cop-out?

It’s the big idea. David Cameron’s vision of a society (because even the Conservatives recognise the existence of one these days) where we all chip in for the greater good sounds empowering.

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Equality: Featherstone and May an unlikely double act

There have been some cracking double acts in the past:Little and Large, Kylie and Jason and Rhubarb and Custard, to name a few. Ithought the latest one to watch would be Clegg ‘n’ Cam but my eyes are trainedon what is surely the coalition government’s oddest couple: equalities minister LynneFeatherstone and her boss, home secretary […]

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BNP and ‘Churchill’ Griffin conning voters on housing, pensions

Last night I watched an election broadcast that started withsome black and white film accompanied by the ominous sound of air raid sirens. I feared a Nazi attack, then Nick Griffinpopped up on the screen.

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Mental health worker on BNP trail in Barking

The east London constituency of Barking and Dagenham, held by Labour’s former children’s minister Margaret Hodge, is a top target for the British National Party in the general election. But I was surprised to find that a mental health worker was among its foot soldiers canvassing for their candidate, “I don’t agree with Nick” Griffin. 

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