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Top iPhone and android apps for social workers


  1. Care Homes

    Tomorrow’s guides ltd

    Price: Free

    This app provides a guide to 25,000 care homes across the UK giving you a reference point to help discuss care home options with clients in their own homes or hospital. You can filter results by client group and look up which homes are closest to relatives with its mapping feature.
  2. iShatter Stress Relief

    Joeseph Buckshin

    Price: £0.59

    If your clients won’t listen to you, your boss just piled case number 35 on your caseload and you just got a letter warning about redundancies, you could probably use iShatter. Its premise is simple: you get to smash stuff without any repercussions. Mirrors, wine glasses or, for those feeling a bit rock and roll, TVs are all there for the breaking. You can also smash photos of your antagonists – but try not to get caught shattering pictures of your boss.
  3. Drugs and medications

    Voi Nguyen

    Price £11.50

    If you’re wondering whether your client’s depressed mood might be a side effect of their medication, this app is for you. Providing a comprehensive searchable guide to over 28,000 drugs, it’s an ideal reference point to help you keep up with the side effects and dangers of medication for service users. It could help you pick up on mental health problems or decide whether an elderly client might benefit from befriending services.
  4. iBenefits


    Price: £0.59

    The UK’s benefits system is a maze of entitlement and means tests, iBenefits is designed to help you navigate that. It provides an alphabetised database of all the UK’s benefits, including information about criteria and payment amounts. The app can also put you in touch with the right people to claim from.

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  1. Nosey Parker


    Price: £2.99

    Running a car is increasingly expensive, especially now many local authorities have cut employee mileage allowances. Now social workers can save some money on parking with Nosey Parker, an app that outlines what the restrictions are and what time parking is free and lists details of over 13,000 UK car parks. You can also change results to show car parks which are extra safe. 
  2. iTimeSheet

    JF Grang softwares

    Price: £3.49

    Roughly one in 10 social workers is employed through an agency. With iTimeSheet you will know how much time you spent on a task, because it allows you to record your daily activities (in less than three minutes, apparently) and then export the data by email as an Excel file. Finally, the search function allows you to find out how much time was spent on particular activities, which will help when it comes to meeting your PRTL requirements.
  3. iStudiez Pro

    Andriy Kachalo and Michael Balashoff

    Price: £1.79

    The social work degree is a demanding course, but this app will help students manage their timetables, plan assignments, keep track of deadlines and prepare for exams. It also includes alarms and push notifications that will ensure you never miss a lecture.

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