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Social work association demands radical shake-up of training

University students.jpgThe British Association of Social Workers (BASW) has called for a radical shake-up of social work training “well beyond the current agenda”.

Education secretary Michael Gove said on Monday that the current social work reform agenda will enable social workers to spend the time they need with at risk children by calling for more far reaching reforms of practice, training and funding (click on the link and search “Munro Review” to find the relevant text).

But BASW’s chief executive Bridget Robb said the current reforms “do not come close to addressing the problems social work is facing”.

“Too many new social workers are just not ready to practice, as the current degree course is neither general enough to offer the breadth of training required, or specific enough to provide the necessary level of focus needed in a real workplace,” said Robb. “Serious consideration needs to be given to a broader undergraduate programme covering social care, social work and social pedagogy to give would-be social workers a proper grounding in the field.

“After this, aspiring social workers could hone their skills and properly prepare for practice via post-graduate training, possibly on an employment-based programme supported by universities along the lines of the Frontline model.”

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Kirsty McGregor

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One Response to Social work association demands radical shake-up of training

  1. d.hickman 25 April , 2013 at 11:26 am #

    Social workers pay has been deteriorating for the past ten years and the amalgamation of the Unions has not helped. For Unison want our support for strike action for care staff but do nothing to improve our pay and conditions and if our salaries are compared to teachers we are left a long way behind them.