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Social work diary: ‘He survived a nightmarish childhood we cannot imagine’

A challenging week prompts a social worker who works with refugees to reflect on life, loss and what makes the perfect team meeting Monday I get non-stop phone calls from various people involved with an isolated, elderly tenant. Not wanting to spend his money nor to accept any grants, he has minimum care twice a […]

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Social work diary: ‘Independent social work offers freedom but building business is tough’

My new role as an independent social worker is a long way from my previous posts in local authorities, writes an anonymous social worker. Monday It’s Monday morning and my partner goes to work. The house is mine to clean and tidy before he gets home. In-between the hoovering and dusting I’m going to meet […]

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‘My employer’s support has helped me challenge prejudice surrounding my gender change’

A social worker reveals the prejudice she has faced over her decision to change gender and how her employer has supported her to challenge it “I felt targeted by some of my fellow social work students because I was different. I wasn’t a man, and I wasn’t a woman, even though I’d had all of […]

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Five reasons why social work in Scotland is better than England

Being Scottish born and bred, I’ve grown up with the crushing realisation that England is, annoyingly, better than us at a lot of things: football (apart from this), rugby, healthy eating, you name it. BUT, my recent visits to some social work teams north of the border has convinced me that when it comes to social work, […]

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Life on the social work frontline: buy the groundbreaking e-book

Today, Community Care has published our first ever e-book (download here) featuring a collection of tales from our social work diary series. On a day when politicians have bluntly tried to divide the profession into “good social workers” and “bad social workers” this foreword to the book – which highlights the complexity and high-risk nature […]

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Social worker tip-off on guinea pig ‘suffering’ leads to court charges

“A Swansea woman has pleaded guilty to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal following the death of a forgotten guinea pig,” reports the South Wales Evening Post. The prosecution apparently followed-up a tip off from a social worker that the woman had “abandoned the guinea pig” after losing her keys to […]

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How the Thatcher years marked a turning point for social work

Margaret Thatcher was a divisive figure who oversaw profound changes to both social work and the welfare state during her 15 years in power, writes social worker Steve Rogowski. What was Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for social work? The social work profession actually remained relatively unscathed during the early years of her premiership. In fact, progress […]

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‘I arrive at the first job, but she refuses to let me in’

Week in the life of a home care worker – day two Read day one Early start again today; the house was very quiet as I left at 7am. The schools are shut for summer, but I haven’t been able to do anything with the kids. I arrive at the first job on my timesheet […]

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‘I’m left with five minutes to get her washed and dressed and make her breakfast’

Week in the life of a home care worker – day one It was a struggle to get out of bed today; my fifteenth day working without a break, writes a home care worker, who wishes to remain anonymous. I have to work extra days to be able to afford essential repairs to my car; […]

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