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Bring Back Borstal

Jenny Molloy: ‘ITV1’s Bring Back Borstal pushed us all to our absolute limits’

Care leaver and author Jenny Molloy takes us behind-the-scenes of a new social experiment with young offenders

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Council redesigns children’s services to cut bureaucracy after innovation fund windfall

January 23,2015

Hertfordshire council’s head of family safeguarding tells Community Care how they plan to spend £4.86m from the innovation fund

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Ofsted under fire for trying to ‘save face’ over Rotherham inspection

January 22,2015

Rotherham MP Simon Danczuk also accused Ofsted of designing a system “that failed to spot the rape of children”

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‘Worst portrayal of the social work profession I have seen EVER!’

January 21,2015

A collection of responses to the latest episode of forensic crime drama, Silent Witness, which saw a social worker at the centre of the story

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Councils failing care leavers who become parents, says think-tank

January 20,2015

The Centre for Social Justice has called for a stronger focus sibling relationships to help the outcomes of care leavers

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BASW slams ‘aspirational’ guidance on health and welfare of looked-after children

January 16,2015

Social workers respond to government consultation on the guidance, which would come into force in March this year

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Ofsted finds 36% rise in children missing from foster care

January 15,2015

New figures from Ofsted show that a total of 4,245 fostered children and young people were reported to have gone missing in 2013-14

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‘If you put your head above the parapet, you’re likely to get shot’

January 14,2015

Social work whistle-blowers describe a ‘culture of fear’ around raising practice concerns

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Whistle-blowing social workers disillusioned as concerns about abusive or dangerous practice are ignored

January 14,2015

Two Community Care surveys find social workers now turning a blind eye because of the price paid for raising concerns

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The Department is feeling the pressure on how it improves outcomes for children in care. Photo: Palo/Flickr Creative Commons

Department for Education under pressure over how it uses data for children in care

January 14,2015

Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector for Ofsted, called on the department to share good practice and help local authorities improve

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Care applications to Cafcass rose 13% year-on-year in December

January 13,2015

Cafcass chief warns variations in rates of applications and changing volumes of concern need to be explored further

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Elephant in the room

‘The defensiveness from the Department for Education was perplexing’

January 13,2015

Elephant in the committee room is that government must be accountable for failing services, not civil servants, writes Jonathan Stanley

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ADCS president urges MPs to collect more accurate data about children in care

January 13,2015

Alan Wood's comments follow damning National Audit Office report that criticised government data collection

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The stealth privatisation of children’s services

January 7,2015

Ray Jones looks back on what happened to the privatisation of children's services in 2014, something he says many social workers still aren't aware of

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Social workers to be given more responsibility for allegations against professionals who work with children

January 6,2015

The DfE is consulting on revisions to the Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance

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Child sexual exploitation training to become mandatory for children’s home workers

January 6,2015

This announcement came on the same day that data published by the Department for Education showed children's care home managers find it difficult to recruit staff with the appropriate skills and training

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MPs seek to change “nonsensical” loophole that exposes over 40,000 children to cruelty

January 5,2015

Currently the criminal law for child cruelty only protects children from neglect or ill-treatment until their 16th birthday.

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Quvenzhané Wallis plays the titular "Annie" in the musical. Photo: REX/Richard Young / Rex features

Four dangerous myths about adoption in the upcoming movie “Annie”

December 19,2014

Dr John Simmonds from BAAF busts some of the myths about adoption perpetrated in the upcoming musical "Annie"

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The top ten social work stories of 2014

December 18,2014
All your favourite articles of the year in one handy compilation
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