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Social work is the perfect profession to embrace hot desking

July 2,2015

Social worker Matt Bee argues social work and hot desking are perfectly compatible, so long as you do it right

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Amy and Natalie in Protecting our Foster Kids. Photo: BBC/Garry Maclennan

Coming out of the care leaver closet?

July 1,2015

A child protection social worker on deciding how much to disclose about her own experiences in care

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‘The government has shown disdain for social work. It’s up to us to fight back’

July 1,2015

18 months ago Richard Griffiths swapped a career in sports journalism for social work. Here he gives his take on The College of Social Work's closure, and how the profession should respond.

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Local area coordination in practice. Image from Local area coordination: from service users to citizens (Centre for Welfare Reform, 2012)

How local area coordination may solve the financial malaise engulfing adult social care

June 29,2015

An approach that encourages people to find solutions to their needs in their community is saving money and improving lives, argues Brian Frisby

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When it comes to adoption reform – are good intentions enough ?

June 26,2015

Adoptive parent and founder of charity The Open Nest, Amanda Boorman says too much focus is placed on recruitment, not support of adopters

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Why it’s hard to separate the shirkers from the workers in your team

June 23,2015

There is a big difference between saying how much work you are doing and getting the work done, says Blair McPherson

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‘The College of Social Work wasn’t perfect. But here’s why I’m petitioning to save it’

June 20,2015

Social worker Sally-ann Rodbourne tells Community Care how she's responding to moves to shut the college

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A dark day for social work

June 19,2015

Professor Ray Jones argues action is needed as the college joins the social care institution graveyard

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Social work cartoon: ‘Use your discretion’

June 18,2015

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‘I have supplied him with clean clothes and bought his favourite biscuits to gain his trust’

June 18,2015

A substance misuse social worker talks through her day spent providing motivation, understanding and gaining trust

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The Making Space charity have helped support workers understand the meaning of person-centred care by inviting service users to write care plans. Photo: BellyFlop.TV

Asking service users to write care plans proves to be a powerful training tool

June 16,2015

An adult social care charity has found flipping the care planning approach on its head shows the difference it makes when the individual is in control

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child's drawing of a house

Children and families must be the drivers for change in the adoption system

June 16,2015

BAAF director John Simmonds explains the five things government should bear in mind when reforming the adoption system

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Social work diary: “A teenager in care says his foster carer starves and beats him”

June 15,2015

A children's social worker talks about late nights, flat car batteries and a difficult child protection enquiry

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allocated worker2

Social work cartoon: ‘The allocated worker’

June 12,2015

The latest from Fran...

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I’m an agency social worker. But I’m terrified by councils’ reliance on us ‘guns for hire’

June 9,2015

As failing councils scramble for agency staff little thought is being given to long term stability and the answers that are so desperately needed

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Anti-cuts protest

‘The anti-austerity march is a chance for social work to reclaim its voice. Let’s take it.’

June 8,2015

The national demo on 20 June will see social workers and service users stand together to challenge injustice, writes Kirk Lewis.

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