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Social work cartoon: ‘Championing client care’

October 31,2014

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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First social worker on The Apprentice is fired

October 30,2014

Steven Ugoalah, who described himself as the best social worker in the world, fails to impress Lord Alan Sugar

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‘Reducing social worker visits to long-term foster placements misses the point’

October 30,2014

Paul Adams, fostering development consultant at BAAF, says social worker consistency and approaches matters more than the number of visits

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‘Politician, heal thyself!’: Social work academics react to the Baby P documentary

October 29,2014

Seven social work academics reflect on the BBC’s Baby P documentary and the politicised legacy the case has left

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Baby P

Baby P: The Untold Story ‘A shocking catalogue of cover ups’

October 28,2014

A collection of reactions and thoughts expressed by social workers and other viewers during the BBC documentary 'Baby P: The Untold Story'

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A section of the 'LB Quilt' made in tribute to Connor Sparrohawk (known online as Laughing Boy or 'LB')

‘The LB Bill: turning social care policymaking on its head’

October 27,2014

Learning disability policy isn't working so we're taking a crowdsourced approach to drafting new legislation, writes George Julian

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Baby Peter died in August 2007 (Image: Rex Features)

Tonight’s Baby P documentary must address the media and political witch hunt against social workers

October 27,2014

The author of The Story of Baby P: Setting the Record Straight lays out the three issues the BBC must tackle in this evening’s documentary

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Photo: REX/Image Source (posed by models)

Your views on the past week in social work

October 24,2014

What social workers had to say about this week's news, blogs and debate on Community Care

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Social work cartoon: ‘Your extra hours’

October 24,2014

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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glass slipper

“Glass slipper” recruitment: how social work employers fit the specification to the person

October 24,2014

Former director Blair McPherson on job specifications, not being "the right fit" and how employers make sure they hire their preferred candidate

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How does care leaver support in the UK compare with the rest of the world?

October 23,2014

The University of York's Mike Stein examines how support for British care leavers fares in comparison with those elsewhere in the world

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‘I love social work but returning from annual leave should come with a health warning’

October 22,2014

Returning from annual leave should come with a health warning, writes a social worker in a children's services team

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Social worker on The Apprentice: ‘Can social work be blended with light entertainment?’

October 22,2014

'We are so used to being in the firing line that we can be hyper sensitive to anything to do with social work that may put us in a less than favourable light'

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Child's drawing

‘Residential childcare can provide opportunities for siblings to stay together’

October 21,2014

A looked-after children’s social worker makes the case for why residential childcare should not just be treated as the placement of ‘last resort’

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Social work cartoon: ‘Office changes’

October 17,2014

Social work cartoon: 'Office changes'

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Five ways to help deafblind children when implementing the SEN reforms

October 16,2014

Steve Rose of the deafblind charity Sense explains what practitioners need to know about the reforms to special educational needs

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