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‘The social worker as a social scientist’: the dilemma of juggling research and practice

March 2,2015

Rhian Taylor undertook a social work research project alongside her practice. Here's what she learnt from the experience...

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Social work cartoon: ‘The stress buster’

February 27,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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How supportive teams can serve as a ‘protective shield’ against burnout

February 23,2015

Beating burnout is a balancing act between natural stress, and the necessary support to keep it under control, writes Mark Wilberforce

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Picture: Fran Orford

Social work cartoon: ‘The training’

February 20,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran

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Photo: Jane Stockdale/Jorvik Viking Centre

How a Vikings-inspired project is boosting outcomes for people with mental ill health

February 17,2015

Converge, an arts programme for people who use mental health services in York, has teamed up with the Jorvik Viking Centre for its latest project

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Photo: Ryan Mickle (Flickr- Creative Commons)

Social work diary: ‘I don’t often feel pride in my career but today is different’

February 16,2015

A social work academic reflects on a visit to her old service and the passion of the profession's next generation...

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Social work cartoon: ‘The staff consultation’

February 13,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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‘State funding of the voluntary sector needs to change to tackle crisis-driven social care system’

February 11,2015

A review for government is examining how central and local government funding for the voluntary sector should best be deployed. Alex Fox sets out the issues it is considering

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A best interests assessment form

Putting practice – not paperwork – at the heart of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

February 11,2015

The recent review of Dols forms has helped put the person being safeguarded at the centre of the process, says project lead Lorraine Currie

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Picture: Alto/Rex

How we’re building a social work research culture that’s rooted in practice

February 11,2015

Andrew Errington, professional lead for social work at an NHS trust, on the steps his organisation is taking to support staff

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Management meeting

Why councils risk breaching the Care Act and failing people entitled to independent advocacy

February 10,2015

With a few weeks to go until the implementation of the Care Act, councils are ill-prepared to implement their new duty to provide advocacy, says Martin Coyle

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Social workers need to help adults assert their independence, says Blair McPherson (picture posed by models: John Birsdall/Rex)

When does families’ overprotectiveness tip over into psychological abuse?

February 10,2015

Blair McPherson says social workers must be given the time to support adults assert their rights to self-determination in the face of familial overprotectiveness

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Anna Galliford1

‘We must not strip the humanity out of our social care provision’

February 10,2015

Austerity is not an excuse to ignore the needs, wishes and rights of the people we exist to serve, writes Anna Galliford

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Picture credit: quinn.anya (Flickr)

‘She helped me find a way out’: a mental health peer support worker’s story

February 5,2015

Peer support is little known outside the world of services but it made a huge difference to my mental health, writes Rosie

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Social work cartoon: ‘The jargon’

January 30,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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Shirley Dunkin-Read says mindfulness training has made a real difference to her wellbeing at work

‘How mindfulness is helping me handle the stress of social work’

January 28,2015

Training provided by my employer has made a real difference to my wellbeing, writes Shirley Dunkin-Read

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