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Working with health

Avoid threats and evidence your decisions – how to resolve continuing healthcare disputes with the NHS

October 13,2015

Amid the lack of clarity about handling continuing care disputes between councils and NHS partners, dispute resolution specialist Clive Powell offers some ways forward

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“Social workers are good at change – but we’re not fooled by it”

October 12,2015

Be thankful for the innovation and creativity in the social care profession, but let's not have change for change's sake, argues Matt Bee

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Mary Hastings (second from right, bottom row) with other members of the People2People team

‘We used to be done to by social workers. Now we are working alongside them’

October 12,2015

Mary Hastings describes the change in herself and others with support needs brought about by being trusted to make decisions about their lives and support by one social work organisation

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Social work cartoon: ‘Caseloads’

October 9,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Social work cartoon: ‘Whistleblower’

October 1,2015

The latest from Fran...

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‘Social workers believed in me – now I’m doing the same for young people in care’

September 28,2015

Her experience as a looked-after child inspired Lou Newman to become a social worker and help care leavers challenge stereotypes

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Why tick boxes and score sheets trump gut instinct when assessing risk in social work

September 24,2015

Accurately predicting whether a client will cause harm in the future isn't all science fiction, you need to spend time getting to know them and carry out a good risk assessment, says Matt Bee

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Social work cartoon: ‘X Factor’

September 18,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Photo: Campaigners at the Refugees Welcome march held in Westminster on Saturday

‘Social work with asylum seekers opened my eyes to the horrors of war’

September 14,2015

It is vital to remember that everyone has a story to tell and a reason for coming here, writes Social Work Outlaw

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‘Are social workers still the good guys?’

September 8,2015

Blair McPherson responds to a recent Community Care article by a social worker who has 'gone agency'

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Social work diary: ‘After what’s happened, it will be a challenge to gain the parents’ trust’

September 7,2015

Today is my fortnightly visit to a family with several young children on a child protection plan for emotional abuse.
One of the parents has a severe anxiety condition, so the children only go out to school and nursery.…

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‘Personal assistants are a key support structure for those with a disability trying to get into work’

September 3,2015

Michael McEwan explores the barriers to employment facing disabled people and what care workers and personal assistants can do to empower them

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Social work cartoon: ‘Health and safety’

August 28,2015

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‘I missed the heady adrenaline of local authority social work’

August 27,2015

Nimal Jude gets used to life in a university as she takes the lead on one of the pilot teaching partnerships

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Social work cartoon: ‘Weekend cover’

August 21,2015

The latest from Fran...

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‘Social workers can learn from women’s stories of sexual exploitation and sex work’

August 20,2015

Former social worker Dr Jane Dodsworth reflects on the process of researching one of society’s most sensitive subjects

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