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Social work diary: ‘This week’s been fraught with communication problems’

February 5,2016

A social worker reflects on a week in child protection...

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social work cartoon

Social work cartoon: ‘Whistleblowing’

February 5,2016

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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System and ideas

‘Practice leadership is not about fighting the system – it’s about influence and reflection’

February 4,2016

'Making a difference' can feel like challenging the system but it isn't always the big bang ideas that lead to change, says Liz Shaw

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baby laughing

How do you define a child’s ‘welfare’ as opposed to ‘wellbeing’?

January 28,2016

Dr Julie Doughty, law lecturer at Cardiff University, explains the issues raised by Welsh legal changes for social workers

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Management meeting

‘There’s never been a greater need for senior managers with strong social work values’

January 25,2016

While management skills are transferable, social work values are critical to making the right decisions in leadership roles, argues Blair McPherson

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‘Improving social work relies on innovative practitioners and service users, not big ideas’

January 20,2016

To reform social work,government should look to the good ideas already in practice, not impose 'slash and burn' policies, argues Robert Templeton

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‘Why the principles of Bournewood and Cheshire West must shape Dols reform’

January 19,2016

The Department of Health's response to Law Commission proposals to reform the law on deprivation of liberty misses crucial points, says Gary FitzGerald

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‘Dear education secretary’: a social worker’s open letter on the state of the profession

January 16,2016

Practitioner and blogger Social Work Tutor appeals to the government to rethink its approach to reforming the profession

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Social work cartoon: ‘Retirement’

January 15,2016

The latest from Fran...

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Jose Mourinho at a press conference before his recent departure as Chelsea football manager. Photo: BPI/RexShutterstock

We don’t need turnaround kings, we need long term investment in social care staff

January 7,2016

Blair McPherson says the cult of the super manager fosters short term thinking and goals

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A section of the 'LB Quilt' made in tribute to Connor Sparrowhawk

‘Lessons from the Southern Health report go beyond the NHS – social work must step up’

December 22,2015

We can’t claim to be a profession if we don’t speak up and make a difference, write Mark Harvey and Rob Mitchell

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Rationing of access to adult safeguarding casts shadow over Care Act aspirations

December 15,2015

There has been slow progress on safeguarding under the Care Act but rationing and implementation problems are causes for concern, says Gary FitzGerald

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christmas tree

Can you switch off your inner social worker over Christmas?

December 15,2015

Get in touch and share you trials, tribulations and top tips for relaxing during the festive period

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Social work diary: ‘The manager names and shames anyone with late assessments’

December 14,2015

A children's social worker reflects on a week where health issues dominate...

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Social work cartoon: ‘The forms’

December 11,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Social work diary: ‘A plan is all set, only to completely fall apart at 4pm’

December 4,2015

An adults' social worker's week is dominated by a complex case involving an older couple displaying physical aggression and volatile behaviour

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