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‘If your name’s not on the list you’re not coming in’

December 19,2014

Community Care went to HMP High Down for its team Christmas lunch to support local charity The Clink Restaurant

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A santa toy and christmas tree

How to switch off your inner social worker over Christmas

December 19,2014

Community Care readers share their top tips for taking a break over the festive period

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Social work cartoon: ‘Santa’s dream job’

December 19,2014

A festive cartoon from Fran...

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Picture: Monkey Business/Rex Features

Social work diary: ‘The girl wants new shoes for Christmas as hers have worn out’

December 18,2014

The weeks before Christmas bring extra challenges and a surprising article in a tabloid newspaper, writes a social worker

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The top 12 gifts for a social worker

December 16,2014

Christmas is almost upon us and the search for the perfect gift for a social worker begins again. These are our top tips this year.

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‘Why a management speech to social workers is like the toughest stand-up gig’

December 16,2014

Senior managers need to work much harder to keep social workers engaged than they do care workers and admin staff, says Blair McPherson

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Viv with her husband Bill who was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Photo: Gary Calton

‘Hundreds of thousands of people with dementia face exclusion this Christmas’

December 16,2014

Become a 'Dementia Friend' this festive season and help make stigma a thing of the past, writes Alzheimer's Society's George McNamara

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'I love that my children’s favourite musician is a protest singer-songwriter, rather than One Direction' Picture: REX/PictureGroup

‘Mum, please stop using your social worker voice’: how my job affects my parenting

December 16,2014

On her birthday one of my daughters asked me to 'be less deep and stop using my social worker voice', writes Rhian Taylor

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Social work cartoon: ‘The Christmas decorations’

December 12,2014

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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Photo: Rex/John Birdsall (posed by models)

It is not on the macro level but the micro level that racism is defeated

December 10,2014

Nabeweya White, a black children's social worker in Scotland, talks about her experiences

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Picture posed by model (Credit: Bill Truslow/Rex Features)

‘Councils should start tackling discrimination against self-funders before the Care Act forces them to’

December 9,2014

The Care Act will require councils to improve their support to self-funders, who currently substantially subsiside state-funded care, says Ray Hart

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Thinking of whistleblowing? Here’s what to expect

December 8,2014

Jim Wild provides a guide based on 41 years of experience in child protection and three attempts to blow the whistle

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Picture: Fran Orford

Social work cartoon: ‘The office heating’

December 5,2014

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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A Wirral Autistic Society service user with two support workers

‘Commissioners are asking us to deliver a Harrods service for an Aldi price’

December 4,2014

Community care services for adults with complex needs are being eroded because of underfunding. The ones who will suffer are the service users, warns Robin Bush

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mother and child

Social work diary: ‘My service’s decision has left the teenage mother struggling’

December 4,2014

A row about a pony, dieting and allowances all feature in a challenging week in child protection

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Do social workers feel able to blow the whistle?

December 3,2014

Take Community Care's short and anonymous survey

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