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Concern for a child’s welfare can never justify illegal practice

November 26,2015

Social worker and lawyer Allan Norman feels a 'gut-wrenching sense of betrayal' reading the case of practitioners lying in court

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When did social workers become too afraid to be awkward?

November 25,2015

Blair McPherson says social workers have a duty to tell senior managers and politicians the truth about the impact of cuts

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Social work cartoon: ‘Home life’

November 20,2015

The latest from Fran...

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‘This pressure to pass social work students is wrong. Some won’t be up to the job’

November 18,2015

Commercial interests risk a reliance on practice educators to weed out trainees without the skills for practice, writes a social work academic

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sw cartoon

Social work cartoon: ‘Overtime’

November 13,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Culturally sensitive social work is about more than meeting social care needs

November 6,2015

Understanding a client's identity by finding out what's important and meaningful to them helps find the best outcomes, says Jewish Care's Simone Swimer

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Social work cartoon: ‘Burnout’

November 5,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Social work cartoon: ‘Annual leave’

October 30,2015

The latest from Fran...

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‘Our social care model is broken and extra funding will not fix it’

October 26,2015

Reducing dependence on state funding through greater use of online purchasing and self-assessment is the only option for a sustainable social care sector, argues Stephen Sloss

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Social work cartoon: ‘Client contact’

October 23,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Working with health

Avoid threats and evidence your decisions – how to resolve continuing healthcare disputes with the NHS

October 13,2015

Amid the lack of clarity about handling continuing care disputes between councils and NHS partners, dispute resolution specialist Clive Powell offers some ways forward

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“Social workers are good at change – but we’re not fooled by it”

October 12,2015

Be thankful for the innovation and creativity in the social care profession, but let's not have change for change's sake, argues Matt Bee

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Mary Hastings (second from right, bottom row) with other members of the People2People team

‘We used to be done to by social workers. Now we are working alongside them’

October 12,2015

Mary Hastings describes the change in herself and others with support needs brought about by being trusted to make decisions about their lives and support by one social work organisation

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Social work cartoon: ‘Caseloads’

October 9,2015

The latest from Fran...

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Social work cartoon: ‘Whistleblower’

October 1,2015

The latest from Fran...

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‘Social workers believed in me – now I’m doing the same for young people in care’

September 28,2015

Her experience as a looked-after child inspired Lou Newman to become a social worker and help care leavers challenge stereotypes

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