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Social work cartoon: ‘The jargon’

January 30,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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Shirley Dunkin-Read says mindfulness training has made a real difference to her wellbeing at work

‘How mindfulness is helping me handle the stress of social work’

January 28,2015

Training provided by my employer has made a real difference to my wellbeing, writes Shirley Dunkin-Read

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Social worker stress can be a symptom of organisational problems

January 27,2015

Alex Chard examines why employers need a better approach to tackling social worker burnout

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‘Negative media coverage can only be tackled by disrupting the social care system’

January 27,2015

Bad care makes headlines but the deeper systemic failures that lie beneath it are the real problem, writes John Burton

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Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem Photo: Israel_photo_gallery/flickr

Why social workers should mark Holocaust Memorial Day

January 26,2015

BASW professional officer Joe Godden on why social workers should mark Holocaust Memorial Day

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Top tips for newly qualified social workers on anxiety, job-hunting and networking

January 26,2015

Zoe Betts looks back at feedback she's had from NQSWs over the past four years of running support events for them

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Picture: Fran

Social work cartoon: ‘End of their tether’

January 23,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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‘Will Silent Witness compound views that no child is safe from removal?’

January 22,2015

The latest episode of crime drama, Silent Witness, showed some appreciation for the pressures of social work but it was littered with inaccuracies, writes BASW professional officer Sue Kent

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‘Worst portrayal of the social work profession I have seen EVER!’

January 21,2015

A collection of responses to the latest episode of forensic crime drama, Silent Witness, which saw a social worker at the centre of the story

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‘I graduated from a social work master’s with distinction- now I’m a cleaner’

January 21,2015

Newly qualified social worker Vita La Porta explains the frustrations of getting on the job ladder

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A chance to 'recharge' can make a big difference. Photo: Takashi 
Hasoshima/ Flickr

There is nothing more deflating than seeing colleagues burst into tears because of workloads

January 19,2015

By Imelda Hall, social worker
There is no doubt that being a social worker in this day and age can be pretty stressful. The demands of a hefty case load, high expectations and a lack of resources have seen many…

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Social work cartoon: ‘The budget’

January 16,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran

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Unique medical social work role improves outcomes for older surgical patients

January 14,2015

Social workers in the NHS need to be viewed as a valued and necessary component in multi-disciplinary working, says Paul McKie, who wants to see his role become commonplace

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‘Social care leaders must show more passion in defending services against government cuts’

January 13,2015

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services' should ditch its measured approach to engaging with ministers on social care funding, says Blair McPherson

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Photo: daquellemanera (Flickr – creative commons) Words: Social work guide by Hertfordshire community and learning disability services

Statutory social work placements – and how to survive them

January 12,2015

As her students head out to their 100 day social work placements, Rhian Taylor offers some words of advice from her experiences

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Social work cartoon: ‘Flexible working’

January 9,2015

The latest cartoon from Fran...

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