Bowis owns up on cash shortfall

Junior health minister John Bowis has admitted that inadequacies
in the government’s funding formula contributed to community care
cash problems on the Isle of Wight.

He told a group of councillors, officers and the island’s MP
Barry Field last week: ‘I do admit the islanders are losers.’ The
Department of Health has previously blamed inefficiencies in the
council for shortfalls of community care cash.

As local authority budgets are finalised around the country,
cuts to core social services budgets proposed in other areas

* Birmingham £7.8 million;

* Derbyshire £7.6 million, or 6.5 per cent;

* Tayside £4.6 million – 6 per cent;

* Strathclyde £4.5 million, or 2 per cent;

* Hereford & Worcester £4.3 million;

* Lothian’s social work budget is likely to be cut by about 4
per cent; and

* Gloucestershire is expected to exceed its capping limit.
Parties on the hung council are negotiating on the extent of the

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