Focused work with sexually abusive adolescents

Pete Thomason
Pavilion Publishing
8 St George’s Place,
East Sussex BN1 4GB


This is a training resource to be used in groups with young
perpetrators of sexual abuse. It is recognised that this is a
difficult area in which to develop and operate intervention

As part of fieldwork, an increasing number of workers must feel
empowered to integrate such support into their practice. In
developing a framework, practitioners are encouraged to reflect on
their personal issues, and ensure their own safety. They must also
be motivational, supportive, able to challenge and empathic.
Responsibility must be taken for course delivery, timing and

The course covers 30 sessions, and a long-term commitment from
participants is vital from the outset. They must have the
motivation to change, as well as an understanding and a readiness
to share difficult experiences. Openness is encouraged from the
start. Participants are enabled to understand the stages and
processes in their offending, to take responsibility, and have an
awareness of the impact their behaviour has had on their

The overview for the proposed sessions is set in clear bullet
points, with comprehensive guidelines for the leader. Exercises are
broken down within each session, using a variety of learning

Thomason reflects on his own experiences of creating and
implementing this work, and is open about ways in which he has
worked. He gives clear strategies, including possible wording for
practitioners’ use.

The use of the materials created for use with the sessions
relies on good literacy skills. This resource is very nicely set
out and clear. It forms a valuable addition for frontline workers,
and it would also be useful for staff training.

Tony Goodman is a senior lecturer in social science,
Middlesex University.

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