End the excuses

It is hard for social workers to support children in care as a
good parent would. Turning up to parents’ evenings at school, for
example, requires exceptional commitment, particularly in
short-staffed departments.

Getting to know the teachers, to make sure problems surface
early and can be dealt with informally if possible, is asking a

Children in care often lack commitment to school in any case.
And while it is regrettable when children have to move between
placements, it is sometimes unavoidable.

Finally, children need considerable resources in order to
compete academically – it is unrealistic to expect councils to give
every child in care who is at school their own computer for
homework or to contribute to living expenses for those in higher

Well actually, Ealing Council, for example, does both.

Ever heard any of the excuses above? Probably. But it is time
all social services departments and elected members – yes, the
corporate parents themselves – realised there is no excuse for
colluding in the denial of opportunities to children in care.

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