Private agency wants inclusion

Private and voluntary agencies are being left out of discussions
on the future of child care provision in the sector according to
the head of child care agency Saccs.

Saccs chief executive Mary Walsh said: “Our opinions are not
sought about practice, standards and the future of the sector.
Because we are not consulted some people feel alienated.”

She also said that the “deeply ingrained culture” among those
working in public sector child care that private agencies were
motivated by money hindered effective partnership working.

“People who run similar establishments care about the child and
the thought that we are ‘only in it for the money’ is deeply
disturbing”, she told a workshop session, adding: “It would be much
better for our service if we truly worked in partnership together,
each respecting the work of each other.”

The ADSS Spring Seminar agreed a motion calling on the
Department of Health to join the association in developing
initiatives to ease the pressure on child care services across the

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