Jewish Issues in Social work and Social Care. Resource Pack for Educators and Practitioners

By Ralph Barnett, Jon Blend, Judy Cavet, et al.

University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Coach Lane Campus
Coach Lane
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE7 7XA


Jewish people are an invisible ethnic group. There are over a
quarter of a million Jewish people living in the UK. A large
percentage of the Jewish community are older people. Staff
providing services to older people are increasingly aware of the
importance of providing culturally sensitive care. This is
particularly important when caring for vulnerable adults who have
dementia or other forms of cognitive impairment. An understanding
of who a person is and what the person’s cultural identity is
enables us to understand behaviour and to offer care that is
centred on the person.

This teaching pack aims to inform and educate staff about Jewish
issues so that they can provide culturally sensitive care. There
are six sections.

Part one outlines the aims and objectives and gives details of
how it can be used. The second part outlines the history of
anti-Semitism and the history of Jewish communities in England,
Scotland, Wales and Ireland; it also deals with the holocaust and
gives details of Jewish identities and the Jewish religion.

Sections three and four contain exercises and case studies. Each
exercise has aims, objectives and learning points. These are
particularly valuable because they challenge the tendency to
stereotype people. Section five contains further sources of

The resource is clearly written by practitioners who are aware
of routine, down to earth issues. It deals with people of all age
groups. It has been written with care and accuracy and explains
complex issues clearly.

The authors have written this pack for people working in social
work and social care. It is equally relevant to people working in
health care settings. It would be useful to nurse lecturers
teaching student nurses the importance of providing care in a
cultural context and also for post registration nursing students.
Recommended reading.

Linda Nazarko is director of nursing at Nightingale,
visiting lecturer at the School of Nursing and South Bank

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