Glasgow meets care home leaders to head off crisis

Residential and nursing home care in the country’s largest
authority could be hurled into crisis as Scottish Care and Glasgow
Council are due to meet, writes Reg

Scottish Care, the umbrella organisation representing most
private homeowners in Scotland, has requested the meeting to
discuss their claim for £50 extra per resident per week. To
date, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has offered
£4 to £6 per week, a move Scottish Care has dismissed out
of hand.

Glasgow resigned from Cosla earlier this year and is free to
negotiate independently. A spokesperson for Scottish Care said:
“There are certainly signs that Glasgow is more sympathetic to our

The council has a high reliance on privately owned care with 46
units in the city caring for around 3,000 residents. Any refusal to
admit council-funded residents would cause havoc to social care and
delayed discharge in the city’s hospitals.

Scottish Care has already banned new council-funded admissions
in Aberdeen and threatened to evict residents in North and South
Lanarkshire. If tomorrow’s meeting fails to reach a solution,
Glasgow will almost certainly become the organisation’s next
target for action.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Council welcomed the meeting and
said: “We are very happy to meet with Scottish Care in the hope
that an agreement can be reached with them.”






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