Executive announces new service standards

    New draft service standards for day care, respite and adoption
    services have been issued by the Scottish executive.

    The new standards were drawn up by the Scottish National
    Standards Care Committee whose 50 strong membership comprises of
    service users, carers, providers and professionals covering a wide
    range of interests. The independent committee was drawn up in 1999
    by the Scottish executive to comment on all standards which fall
    under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001.

    In launching the draft standards, Malcolm Chisholm, deputy
    minister for community care, said: “They are common sense standards
    which will make a real difference to the day to day lives of
    service users, their carers, families and friends.” Key aspects
    include helping new service users develop their own life plan,
    demonstrating how assessed needs will be met, catering for
    communication needs, quality of nutrition covering all religious
    needs and the involvement of service users and their families in
    the trial use of services.

    Where service users or their families believe that their needs
    are not being met, a new system of advocacy and support is to be
    introduced. The new proposals intend to meet all service users’
    needs, and give special mention to children and people with
    communication difficulties.

    Stephen Nicol, deputy minister for education and young people,
    said: “These new standards will guarantee that regardless of where
    Scotland’s children and young people receive their care,
    their needs and wishes will be fully taken into account.”

    * Similar standards have been unveiled in England –
    click here
    to read report.


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