Judge gives reasons for ‘internet babies’ ruling

Flintshire Council has been praised for its handling of the
internet adoption case involving British couple Judith and Alan
Kilshaw by Mr Justice Kirkwood, who published his reasons for the
ruling this week.

He found that the social services department took an “entirely
responsible and proper step” in making inquiries into the case as
soon as the story broke in January.

The council was congratulated for applying for emergency
protection orders, which resulted in the twins, known as Belinda
and Kimberley, being taken into care by emergency foster

A short, medium or long-term placement with Judith and Alan
Kilshaw would not be in the welfare interests of the twins, the
judge ruled.

“I am fully satisfied of the likelihood of future harm to the
twins in terms of impairment of their intellectual, emotional,
social and behavioural development,” his ruling stated.

The judgement was delivered at a private hearing, and the report
was published this week on the internet subscription service Family
Law Reports.

The judge found the arrangements for the twins by Judith and
Alan Kilshaw were ill-conceived, ill-thought out and poorly
implemented. The couple demonstrated a “clear lack of empathy” with
the twins and had poor recognition of their priority needs.

While in the care of the Kilshaws, the twins were subjected to
“chaos” and had no consistency of care, the ruling said.

The judge was also highly critical of a private study from an
unqualified social worker commissioned by the Kilshaws to show a US
court they would be suitable parents.

Flintshire social services was already aware of the couple
following concerns over their parenting of their daughter and two

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