Private care home owners agree to suspend action

    Private care home owners have agreed to suspend all action
    against local authorities following tripartite talks between
    Scottish Care, the Scottish Executive and the Convention of
    Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla).

    Rita Miller, Cosla’s social work spokesperson, welcomed
    the decision as a breakthrough. Action has been suspended pending
    the outcome of a working group representing all three agencies
    which will establish a national pricing framework for the

    Miller said: “This means that local negotiations should now be
    able to be concluded and this must be applauded.” Throughout the
    dispute which has dragged on for several weeks, Cosla and the
    Scottish executive have insisted that individual councils must
    agree the fees paid directly with private home owners.

    Care home owners represented by Scottish Care have demanded an
    increase of £50 per week for each resident, but local
    authorities have so far only offered £10 following a cash
    grant from the Scottish executive.

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