Union considers action against `misleading` housing transfer advice

    Unison is considering legal action against a booklet distributed
    by Glasgow Council describing it as `misleading`.

    The booklet, ‘Your Home – Your Choice’, has been
    distributed by the council as part of the consultation process
    prior to tenants’ vote on whether all the city’s
    housing stock should transfer to the independent Glasgow Housing
    Association (GHA). Unison claims the booklet promotes the transfer
    despite the council formally deciding last week to circulate
    objective information to tenants.

    Angela Lynes, Unison’s Glasgow branch secretary, said:
    “This booklet is stuffed with GHA propaganda, it is frequently
    misleading and it ignores key questions that tenants will need to
    have answers to if any ballot is to be fair.”

    Jointly produced by Glasgow Council and GHA, the booklet is
    being distributed to the 80,000 tenants involved in the possible
    stock transfer. Unison believes that the biased nature of the
    booklet is an attempt to influence tenants’ opinion prior to
    a MORI poll commissioned by the council.

    The booklet states that the housing stock transfer will mean “an
    end to damp, cold uncomfortable homes. It means a huge programme of
    repairs and improvements. And it means a real say in how your
    housing is run.” Unison claims this is far from impartial, and the
    booklet should point out that the repairs could be carried out
    without the housing stock transfer.

    As well as considering legal action against the booklet, Unison
    is to distribute a comprehensive rebuttal to the booklet.

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