A summary of social care stories from the main newspapers

    By Clare Jerrom and Reg McKay.

    Irvine’s powers grab scheme for

    Lord Irvine wants to expand his control in Whitehall and take
    over a range of tribunals currently run by other departments.

    The Lord Chancellor claims that by taking over social security,
    immigration, employment and tax tribunals, it will boost efficiency
    and make panels more user-friendly.

    The move is likely to concern ministers as the Lord Chancellor
    has already seized control of many issues previously controlled by
    the home office including data protection.

    There are more than 70 tribunals in England and Wales and among
    them is the massive social security appeals system, which decides
    whether people have been unfairly denied benefits.

    Under the plans, which were prompted by a report he commissioned
    from former court of appeal judge Andrew Leggatt, Irvine would
    appoint all members to all tribunals and would control tribunals
    run by local councils.

    Source:- Daily Mail Friday 17 August page 40

    Youth charged with boy’s rape

    A 15-year-old teenager was charged with the rape, kidnap and
    wounding of a six-year-old boy yesterday in Headington, Oxford.

    The youth was remanded in custody until August 22 by magistrates
    at Oxford youth court.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 17 August page 2

    Single jab doctor faces hearing

    A doctor is to face a disciplinary hearing later this month for
    administering separate vaccines to children for measles, mumps and
    rubella, instead of the government’s preferred MMR triple

    Peter Mansfield could be suspended if the interims orders
    committee of the General Medical Council finds against him.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 17 August page 6

    Scottish newspapers

    Free personal care to lose funding for the

    The Scottish executive is likely to lose up to £20 million
    in Treasury cash by introducing free personal care it emerged last

    The funds are paid out in welfare benefits to help the poorest
    people pay for their care. The executive is currently locked in
    debates with Whitehall arguing that they should be allowed to keep
    the funding. The introduction of free personal care was originally
    calculated at about £110 million a year, but the loss of
    benefits will now increase this bill to around £130

    Source:- The Scotsman Friday 17 August page 1

    Racist crimes increase

    Attacks and other incidents involving asylum seekers have
    contributed to an increased level of violent crime in the west of
    Scotland according to the latest figures released by Strathclyde

    Chief Constable Willie Rae attributed the 5.1 per cent increase
    in crime and 50 per cent increase in attempted murder in part to
    the arrival of 4,500 asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow.

    Source:- The Herald Friday 17 August







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