Becoming a Trainer in Adult Abuse Work

By Jacki Pritchard.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

£16.95 ISBN 1 85302 913 0

As someone actively involved in adult protection training, I was
particularly keen to read Jacki Pritchard’s book, and I wasn’t
disappointed. There is much here to benefit new and more
experienced trainers.

This is not surprising as Pritchard has plenty of experience
within adult protection and this experience comes through the book
in a practical way.

Within its eight chapters the book examines adult protection
training from many angles, starting with the organisational and
moving on through the stages involved in developing and delivering
a basic awareness course. Throughout, Pritchard highlights the
issues trainers need to deal with and the support they require from
others. Good preparation and an organised approach are promoted as
vital to the achievement of successful training outcomes.

However, anyone hoping to find an off-the-shelf adult protection
awareness course may feel disappointed. The book is not a
ready-made training pack. Rather, it is a distillation of the
author’s training wisdom and tried-and-tested techniques.

It contains a wealth of ideas, helpful comments, useful
materials and background information (including permission to
photocopy many of her suggested exercises) to assist the trainer in
developing a course which suits their audience and setting.
Subjects covered range from necessary equipment to coping with the
emotional responses some participants may reveal when discussing

As such, the book’s title with its emphasis on “becoming” is a
good one. It does not (and cannot) claim to guarantee the
production of a model trainer. However much they get out of this
book, the potential trainer must supplement it with other sources
and contact with practice issues, in particular. Pritchard, though,
has done her best to provide the tools and insights which trainers

Barry Wilson is an independent trainer and co-editor of
The Journal of Adult Protection.



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