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By David Callaghan and Reg McKay.

The social workers who failed tragic Lauren

Two social workers who saw a six-year-old girl two months before
she died took no action, Norwich crown court was told.

Lauren Wright was found covered in bruises after she died at her
family’s home in Welney, Norfolk. Her stepmother Tracey Wright and
natural father Craig Wright are both accused of manslaughter and
wilful neglect, which they deny.

Lauren died from a single blow to the stomach and she had 60
bruises on her body. The social workers had been alerted to
Lauren’s case by neighbours, and took her to be examined by a
paediatrician, who said he thought the bruising was
‘non-accidental’. But Lauren appeared to be happy in the company of
her stepmother, and a teacher said that Tracey Wright took a keen
interest in her stepdaughter’s education. The teacher also said
Lauren appeared to bruise easily.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 7 September page 19

Byers in row over housing scheme

Minister Stephen Byers has been accused of misleading the public
over the housing for scheme for public sector workers.

The transport and local government secretary has been accused by
the public accounts committee chairperson David Davies of
re-announcing the same £250 million starter home initiative,
which will provide interest-free loans of £10,000 to nurses,
teachers and police officers.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 7 September page 4

Child asylum seekers warning

Kent social services will soon be looking after more asylum
seekers than local children. The county council is looking after
1,200 unaccompanied asylum seeking children, while the total of
local children in care is 1,500.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 7 September page 8

Scottish newspapers

Housing protestors besiege city chambers

Protestors campaigning against the controversial plans to
sell-off Glasgow Council’s housing stock clambered up the
wrought iron frontage of the city chambers yesterday. Held to
coincide with a full council meeting, representatives of several
groups including the Glasgow Campaign to Defend Council Housing,
burst through police cordons to make an assault on the main door.
The demonstration broke up after 90 minutes and the police made no

Source:- The Herald Friday 7 September page 2

Parents to face jail for smacking

Parents who smack their children face jail under controversial
plans unveiled by the Scottish executive yesterday. Although
parents will retain the right to smack older children there will be
an absolute ban on smacking children under three years of age.
Smacking will be outlawed in nurseries and physical punishment with
an object will be outlawed. Critics of the executive claimed they
were creating “a nanny state” while child care groups gave the
proposals a lukewarm welcome though many expressed disappointment
that the proposals do not go further.

Source:- The Scotsman Friday 7 September page 1

Drugs orders extended

Drug Treatment and Testing Orders (DTTO) are to be extended to
seven more sheriff courts in Scotland. The DTTOs are used as an
alternative to custody where a convicted person admits that a
significant addiction problem underlies offending behaviour. Rather
than prison, individuals are supervised by social workers through
drug rehabilitation, counselling and frequent drugs tests. Already
used in Glasgow and Fife, and recently extended to Aberdeen, DTTOs
are to be introduced to sheriff courts in Angus, Renfrewshire, East
Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth and Kinross
from Spring 2002.

Source:- The Scotsman Friday 7 September page 6







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