Doctors want care standards commission merger

Doctors leaders have called for the a merger between the new
National Care Standards Commission and the NHS regulatory body to
create a single health care inspectorate.

The British Medical Association claims a single inspectorate,
established by combining the NCSC and the Commission for Health
Improvement, would ensure there are consistent standards across the
NHS, private and voluntary sectors. It says that patients would be
protected whether they are treated by the National Health Service
or in the private health care sector.

The BMA urges inspection procedures to be streamlined to prevent
health care organisations receiving a multitude of visits and

Dr Ian Bogle, chairperson of the BMA Council, said: “Patients
deserve the best possible protection whether they are being treated
in the NHS or the private sector. A single inspectorate would help
to achieve uniform, high quality patient care across both these
health sectors avoiding unnecessary duplication.”

The provision of health care in England is currently monitored
by two government bodies: the CHI monitors quality of patient care
in the NHS and the NCSC, which begins work in April 2002, will
inspect and regulate social care and health care provided in the
independent and voluntary sectors.

A department of health spokesperson said: “The BMA has raised
some valid points and we will look at the recommendations.”





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