Key Themes in European Social Work

by Adrian Adams, Peter Erath and Steven M Shardlow.
Russell House Publishing
ISBN 1 898924 69 4

This is the third of three books on European social work written
by participants in the multinational Socrates programme of the
European Union.

The latest text is more theoretical and analytical in style than
the others, but it has an emphasis on linking theory with practice
and social work training.

In a book of 114 pages there are 11 short chapters on a range of
topics, including the role of social policy in social work; social
work theory; ethics and social work; the importance of law to
social work practice; and social work as a career. The chapters
typically relate the general topic to the situation of a particular
country and do so with a fair degree of success.

This book is a useful addition to the increasing literature on
European social services and social work. Students in particular
will welcome the breadth and variety of subjects included, together
with the questions at the end of chapters to stimulate further

Readers may be less pleased with the unfortunate lapses from
plain English in some of the writing of the editorial team, which
detracts a little from an otherwise well written and concise

Brian Munday is senior lecturer in international social
care, University of Kent at Canterbury.

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