Adviser regrets not acting sooner in Climbie case

A child protection adviser involved in the Victoria Climbie case
said she regretted not responding more quickly to a letter of
concern from a paediatrician who had examined the child.

Petra Kitchman received the letter from Dr Mary Rossiter of
North Middlesex Hospital on 2 September 1999, after Victoria had
been returned to the care of her great-aunt, but did not mention it
to Victoria’s allocated social worker Lisa Arthurworrey until
a month later.

Kitchman said she regretted “letting it delay”. She eventually
replied to Dr Rossiter on 19 October.

Kitchman, who was the “link worker” with the hospital, told the
inquiry her managers were aware of her concerns that there were no
Haringey-employed social workers at the hospital, and that the
Enfield social workers who were there did not carry out initial








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