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has its share of problems, it’s true. The fast pace of life,
high stress levels combined with very steep property prices and
cost of living are all factors that contribute to many
practitioners deciding to head for the hills to look for greener
pastures and a quieter life.

London also has a lot of offer social workers. It has the most
diverse mix of race and cultures in the country and, while the
recruitment crisis is exercising the minds of social services
management in the capital, it does mean that social workers here
have never been in more demand.

workers looking to specialise, the opportunities are unrivalled.
The challenge of social care in the capital provides a strong
incentive for innovative practice, both in the statutory and
voluntary sector. A vibrant voluntary sector helps to promote
change and improvements in practice

Community Care’s special London Focus unravels some
of the issues affecting workers Ð from recruitment to services
for drug misusers and people with HIV.

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