Supporting Parents of Teenagers

by John Coleman and Debi Roker
Jessica Kingsley Publishing
ISBN 1 85302 9440

All of the contributors to this handbook for
professionals are engaged in providing support services to parents
of adolescents.

Until recently most parenting support and
education was concentrated in the early years. But the falling age
of puberty and the postponement of economic independence have made
living with teenagers increasingly problematic for many parents,
and they have no natural place to turn for help.

Social workers, GPs and teachers may not have
the time or expertise to provide continuing support, but at least
they should know where it might be found. This collection does a
useful job of describing what is available, including chapters on
teenagers from ethnic minorities, families caught up in the youth
justice system, and telephone helplines.

Much is now known about effective styles of
parenting and ways of avoiding the kinds of conflict that lead to
anti-social behaviour and propel many young people into the care
system. The difficulty is to communicate that knowledge to those
who need it, and the editors give credit to the present government
for several promising initiatives. Provision is still patchy and
often inaccessible, but a start has been made.

Sonia Jackson is honorary visiting
fellow at the school of policy studies at the University of

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