Social Care and Health: A New Deal?

by Isobel Allen.
Policy Studies Institute
ISBN 0 85374 790 3

This short volume focuses on the links between
social care and health. It considers fundamental issues of
principle rather than practice, and examines changes occurring
since the inception of the welfare state and, more particularly, to
the personal social services in the post-Seebohm era.

In addition, contributors move beyond the
organisational changes that have taken place to a more fundamental
exploration of values and cultural issues within health and social
care, and of how these are developing.

There are useful papers on the changing
relationship between collective responsibilities and individual
rights (Timmins); the effects that changing boundaries have on the
role, responsibilities and relationship between health and social
services (Lewis); a consideration of social services departments
since Seebohm (Gibb); and the likely future impact of the NHS Plan
(Hunter). The final paper by Hughes explores the effects, both real
and potential, on social services of further changes in the links
between health and social care.

This is analysis and information that offers
food for thought for academics and researchers, as well as
practitioners and students undergoing professional training.

Bridget Penhale is lecturer in social
work, University of Hull.


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